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I, BORBUL, will explain what is happening in this game! A hapless flea called BEN has been SENT TO HELL. This hell is ruled by my great master, the serpent SAR-DHAKKA, who devours the dead and grinds their bones into ash!

This hapless Ben thinks INJUSTICE has been committed, and tries to ESCAPE. This, although our greatly inconvenient hell CRAWLS with demons and is in all respects a miserable place WHICH CANNOT BE ESCAPED. Regardless, this fool tries!

I, Borbul, am EXTREMELY pessimistic about the chances of success!

Yours cordially,



Hi y'all! My name Alice, this is my first ever completed game that I made for the IGMC: Rebirth game jam! I made it in just under two weeks in July 2022, just to show myself that I cud make a game! GREAT SUCCESS (altho my next game gonna be better)!

My game features:

*super original uber crappy 8-bit graphics

*risky demon fighting based on bawlin' yo eyes out

*dialogue in the style of Jack Vance (kinda. I winged it. I winged errything)

*a chiptuneified Renaissance/Baroque soundtrack

*playtime around 30min to 1h

Send me a love letter at alice dot gristle at gmail dot com and tell me what an absolute sweetie I am!


Game engine: RPG Maker MV (Kadokawa / Yoji Ojima)

Graphics, Story, Sound Effects: Alice Gristle

Soundtrack: Various Renaissance and Baroque pieces adapted for the game

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorAlice Gristle
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withGIMP, RPG Maker
Tags8-Bit, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Bloom Underworld.zip 378 MB


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Last night I played your game on stream. Overall, I really liked how consistent the theming was, maintaining an 8bit style through everything from art, text, UI, and music, but I found the game a bit obtuse and frustrating - often requiring me to reload the game because I was frequently punished for daring to explore the world you crafted.
If you are interested in watching my full coverage of your game, you can watch the stream below. Use the time stamps to skip to when I start playing your game.


Hi sweetheart! Thanks a ton for yo comments! <3

So excited to play this!

Hi honey, thanks! <3

Hey! I've gotten to play it! :)

Simple mechanics, silly and intriguing dialog, and a unique atmosphere that I think was fun to explore and play around in! I have a couple thoughts on the demand and difficulty of the player, but nothing that would take time out of my enjoyment of this one!

Thanks for this cute game!! I've reviewed for IGMC, but sharing this here :)

Sweet! Thanks so much for ya time, honey! <3

This game made me rage but i liked it

i probably did it halfway because i raged 

And this game is pure evil to me

I know, that Bach ditty is an E A R W O R M ! But it's hell so it fits! :D

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A real actual Alice gristle game? Color me interested, can't wait to play this tonight. 

EDIT:  This rocks! The art is perfect, especially  during battles. I also like that battle rewards directly impact your ability to navigate the world. Rooting for you!

Hi sweetie, so nice to bump into you here! <3 Thanks a ton for ya sweet words, I don't really expect to do well, just happy to have pooped this out! :D Already got half a dozen other games lined up and they gonna have SEX, I mean, AT LAST! :D :D <3

Hi, I saw you on the rpg maker forums, the screenshot thread! Congrats on releasing your first game and good luck in the contest! 


Hi honey, thanks so much! I don't think I'm really a serious contender here, but it was tons of fun makin' the game! <3


A delightful romp! You know it's a good game when you die from crying at a demon too much


Aww thanks sweetheart! Romp, yeah, it's totally a romp! :D I want a "romp" genre




Hi baby sweetie! Thanks for playin'! I'M SORRY I LAUGHED A LITTLE WHEN YOU DIED I'm like that...